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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  April 18, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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morning." from the broadcast cenenr morning." captioning funded by cbs it's monday, april 18th, 2016. this is the "cbs morning news." a massive earthquake levels parts of ecuador. this morning, hundreds are dead, and thousands injured while rescue crews search for signs of life. [ applause ] we're one day away from the new york primary. democrats battle for every vote, packing massive parks and showing off their dance moves, while the republican front-runner is still slamming his party's process. and it's patriots day in boston. three years after the deadly attack, bombing survivors are ready to run again.
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>> patriot should ride and run on patriots day. ♪ good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs news headquarters here in new york, good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. well, rescue operations continued overnight in ecuador where a powerful earthquake killed at least 272 people. early this morning, a young child and several others were pulled from what was left of a five-story hotel. they'd been buried since the quake hit saturday evening. the 7.8-magnitude quake was centered along ecuador's pacific coast but was felt far inland. more than 2,500 injured. the u.s. state department is trying to confirm reports that americans are among the injured. we have this report. >> reporter: with the daylight, residents saw for the first time the full extent of the damage. near the epicenter in the pacific town, rescuers dug
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through crumbled concrete, only to find lifeless bodies. the quake claimed lives 85 miles south in the coastal city where today shaken resident surveyed the widespread damage. this desperate worker tried digging with his bare hands to find survivors. "three are alive, and a girl is dead," he said. this appears to be the moment the quake hit. customers in this shore panicked as shock waves knocked items off the shelves and took out the electricity saturday night. one resident said he and his family escaped after the quake destroyed their house. "in a minute, it all came crashing down," he said. as far as 150 miles south of the epicenter, the powerful quake caused buildings and roads in another city to collapse. first responders searched for survivors after a highway overpass buckled, flattening
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cars. >> it looks apocalyptic. >> reporter: brian's apartment went down. >> terror. i switched from a casual mood to being in complete shock. very quickly, within seconds. >> reporter: cbs news. the quake in ecuador was about six times as strong as the more powerful of two quakes that struck japan last week. a man was pulled from the rubble over the weekend. the two quakes thursday and saturday killed at least 42 people. nearly 200,000 were forced from their homes. the u.s. military is expected to join the relief efforts today. more potentially flood-producing heavy rain is forecast for the central and southern plains this morning.
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flash flood warnings are posted in texas and oklahoma with a threat of tornadoes. overnight, powerful thunderstorms hit the houston suburb of katy, texas. conditions in the houston area are described as extremely dangerous. residents are being urged to stay home. the lightning was accompanied by very heavy rain and hail. when all is said and done, up to eight inches of rain is expected to fall there. in galveston, water from the gulf of mexico flooded streets. a coastal flood warning remains in effect until this afternoon. and today, the boston marathon will run for the 120th time. it's been three years since the marathon bombings that killed three and left more than 260 injured. don champion is in boston. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, anne-marie. the race will get underway at 8:50 this morning. about a million people will line the route, given the fact the terrorist attack in paris and
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brussels happened within the past few months, police here are not letting their guard down today. on the eve of the iconic boston marathon, workers painted the symbolic blue line that guides runners to the finish line. along the 22.6-mile route, police will form a blue line of their own. >> we have a lot of undercover officers working the crowd. we have bomb-sniffing dogs. any marathon, when you cover that amount of distance, unfortunately, you can never say the whole route is secure. >> reporter: boston police commissioner william evans ran the 2013 race when two terrorists set off pressure cooker bombs near the finish line killing three people. patrick downs lost a leg in the bombings. today, he'll run the marathon for the first time with his prosthetic leg, raising money for students with physical disabilities along the way. >> we want to help ensure that other people with disabilities are also celebrated for the obstacles that they've overcome. >> reporter: many runners taking part had to qualify. some say the way the city came
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together after the bombings inspired them to be here. >> just because that happened, we're not going to stop. we're not going to stop running. that's not going to be the end of this race. >> reporter: richard webster crossed the finish line two minutes before the bombings. he says today is about moving forward. >> let's celebrate the fact we're alive. that we're running, and that there's more good in this world than evil. >> reporter: 30,000 runners will take part in the race. just to give you an idea of how much of a security challenge awaits boston police, it is patriots day here today. the red sox will be playing before a crowd of about 40,000 people about a mile away from here. we should mention this year marks the 50th anniversary of the first woman completing the boston marathon. anne-marie, today about 14,000 women will be running the marathon. >> a special day. don champion in boston, thank you. in tomorrow's new york primary, donald trump is looking for a big win, and hillary
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clinton hopes to slow down bernie sanders who is looking to upset clinton in her home state. as we report, the candidates are pushing hard for votes. we're going to win this thing without being dependent on wall street or the big-money interests! >> reporter: democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders may be trailing hillary clinton by ten points in the new york primary, that's the gap in the latest cbs news battleground tracker poll. the vermont senator received rock star treatment at a massive brooklyn rally. >> i think he's the people's president of today. >> reporter: the two candidates criss-crossed new york city's five boroughs sunday. hillary clinton salsa danced at a block party in washington heights, then campaigned in staten island. >> i am sick and tired of people running for president who view our country through a negative lens. >> reporter: tuesday's primary is considered crucial not only
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for the two democratic candidates but also for the republican front-runner. >> we have to win by big numbers because we have a system that's absolutely rigged. >> reporter: polls show donald trump holding a commanding lead in new york over ted cruz and john kasich. a big win on tuesday would give him the bulk of delegates and put him on a narrow path to the 1,237 he needs to clinch the republican nomination. cbs news, new york. >> we'll talk to bernie sanders about tomorrow's primary and his campaign. that's coming up on "cbs this morning." brazil's lower house of congress voted to impeach that country's first female president. dilma rousseff is accused of manipulating federal budgets. she denies wrongdoing and refuses to resign. the measure now goes to the senate which will decide if she will actually stand trial. a top u.s. public health official says for now women in the united states should not delay trying to get pregnant because of the zika virus. so far, there has been no local transmission of the virus.
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doctor anthony fauci says that could happen this summer during the mosquito season. the search resumes today for the data recorder of the sunken "el faro" cargo ship. you might remember this, the 790-foot freighter sank last october after getting caught in a major hurricane on its way from florida to puerto rico. all 33 people aboard died. the ship was located under 15,000 feet of water near the bahamas. british authorities are investigating the collision of a passenger jet with an object thought to be a drone. police say the british airways flight from geneva was struck sunday while on approach at london's heathrow airport. the plane with 132 passengers and five crew members landed safely. coming up on the "morning news," a community remembers a hero. a maryland firefighter is shot dead as he was doing his job. later, movie texting backlash. a theater chain back pedals on allowing smartphones. no surprise there.
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pennsylvania marked the signing of a new medical marijuana bill by bathing the state capitol in green light. the governor signed it into law sunday. pennsylvania becomes the 24th state to legalize medical marijuana. a firefighter is shot and killed in a tragic incident. and an arabic-speaking student on a plane is investigated. those are some of the headlines on the "morning newsstand." "the new york times" reports a university of berkeley student removed from a southwest airlines flight after another passenger heard him speaking arabic. the former iraqi refugee blames islamaphobia for being taken off the los angeles-to-oakland flight earlier this month and questioned by the fbi. southwest says it regrets his less-than-positive experience.
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the "washington post" reports the deadly shooting of a maryland firefighter may have been a tragic mistake. the accused shooter's sister says that he was trying to defend himself when firefighters unexpectedly tried to break through his front door. they thought they were responding to a medical emergency. the man has not been charged. the florida zoo where a tiger killed its handler will reopen this morning, according to the "palm beach post." a 13-year-old male tiger killed veteran zookeeper stacey conweiser friday night at the palm beach zoo. according to the zoo, the 300-pound tiger is healthy and does not pose any additional threat. it will not be euthanized. "variety" reports the ceo for amc theaters has reneged on a cntroversial suggestion that he might green light texting in movie theaters. the backlash was swift last week when adam aaron hinted that he'd be open to texting during movies. the company tweeted this weekend, "no texting at amc. won't happen.
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you spoke. we listened. quickly, that idea has been sent to the cutting room floor." and the rolling stones reports guns and roses front man axl rose is joining ac/dc. ♪ he's taking over for the band's long-time singer, brian johnson, who had to call it quits or risk total hearing loss. axl rose will be with ac/dc for its european rock or bust tour dates and will join gnr for its reunion tour later this summer. still to come, sprinkler surprise. families at one stadium run for cover during a movie screening. and tax day deals. we will tell you about big discounts being offered today as americans try to turn in their tax returns. here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country.
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following the earthquakes in japan. tokyo's nikkei plunged 3%. hong kong's hang seng dropped 1%. and wall street is hoping for another week like last week. the rally continued. the dow jones industrials up 14% from the year's low, gaining 317 points for the week. the s&p 500 finished the week 32 points higher. oil prices fell sharply this morning after major oil producers failed to reach an agreement on capping production. the weekend meeting of 18 oil-producing nations in qatar was expected to produce a deal to cut production and boost prices. iran stayed away and says it will increase its out-put despite threats from saudi arabia. at one point this morning, oil prices in asia were down nearly 7%. disney's updated version of "the jungle book" opened with a roar topping the box office with $103.6 million in ticket sales. it ranks as the second-biggest
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april opening ever. the latest installment of the barber shop comedy series, "barber shop the next cut" opened in second. and the melissa mccarthy comedy, "the boss," finished third. the unveiling of target's latest designer collection drew a less-than enthusiastic response. the collaboration went on sale yesterday. in previous years, target stores were packed and its websites overwhelmed. the limited collections with high-end designers allow target to draw in wealthier customers. today is tax day. remember it was pushed back from the usual april 15th. that means lots of promotions and freebies. many restaurants and hotels are offering many tax season specials. at best buy, save up to $20 on selected video games and get $100 off mac books. wyndham hotels and royal caribbean cruises are also offering deals. and it's reported that a woman may replace andrew jackson
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on the $20 bill, but not until 2030 at the earliest. sources tell cbs news an announcement is expected this week, and that alexander hamilton's portrait will remain on the $10 bill. the change on the $20 bill is taking so long because of security measures. anne marie? >> can't wait for the big reveal. hena daniels at the new york stock exchange. thanks a lot. ahead, fulfilling a football dream. a blind long snapper finally gets to deliver for usc. >> cancer of the retina. deliver for usc. >> cancer of the retina. quilted northern works so well people can forget their bathroom experience. just like they forgot conductor randy,
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join us for kpix 5 news this morning... beginning at 4:3 good morning. it's monday, april 18th. i'm michelle gri,, here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. ♪
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in a move to encourage more americans to get involved with mentoring, the white house is touting the president's own mentorship with steph curry. >> i'm proud of you, man. that's a wonderful volcano. >> thank you. >> in the video posted by the white house, president obama shows curry the ropes around the white house and takes some time out to teach him a few life lessons. that includes how to write a resume, how to shoot a basketball -- not that curry needs that. his golden state warriors started the playoffs with a 107-78 win over the rockets this weekend. maybe that has something to do with it. and a really cool moment played out at the university of southern california's spring game. snapper jake olsen made his way into the game snapping for two field goals. what's amazing about his story is that olsen is blind after losing both eyes as a child. you could say that it was like someone poured cold water on movie night at the tennessee titans nissan stadium. >> oh, no!
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here's another look at the top stories. rescue operations continue in ecuador where a powerful earthquake has killed at least 272 people and injured more than 2,500 others. the quake hit sudden evening. buildings collapsed leaving thousands without shelter, water, or electricity. and more than 30,000 runners are expected for today's boston marathon. it is the 120th running of the race. security will be tight. it's been three years since the marathon bombings left three dead and more than 200 wounded. a catering company in new york city is giving a chance to some in need of a fresh start. we have the story. >> reporter: the chopping, slicing all re-- all reskies.
4:26 am
a gourmet preparation are no formal culinary training. these chefs are refugees. lebanese immigrant minaul cooked up the idea behind eat offbeat when she couldn't find hummus that was as good as her grandmother's. >> that's the added value. we're not cooking normal food that you can get in any other restaurant. >> reporter: the kitchen partnered with the international rescue committee to give the seven refugees and asylum seekers training, employment, and a chance to connect. they cater large parties in new york looking for international flair. >> as a refugee, you're always trying to adapt to the country. they're cooking whatever they like to cook, what they cooked at home. >> reporter: doha is preparing a potato dish. she fled iraq two years ago bringing little but her memories and recipes. she says her husband was injured in an explosion and she feared for her son. when you have to leave everything in your home country, is it comforting to be able to
4:27 am
come here and cook? she says, "yes, of course. arabic food makes me feel like i'm home." little english is spoken in the commercial kitchen in queens, new york. >> they love to cook, and they like the environment. >> reporter: cramped quarters for the michelin head chef and partner juan suarez de lesso. is food a universal language? >> it is a universal language. we are all connected somehow in a way. >> reporter: a made-from-scratch business that hopes to have all the right ingredients. cbs news, new york. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," a battle over a bill that would hold saudi arabia responsible for any role in the 9/11 attacks. plus, we talk with michelle roberts, the groundbreaking head of the union representing nba players. and "cbs news" contributor faith saley tells bus her new book,
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"approval junkie." that's the "cbs morning news." i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. have a great day. ♪ -- captions by vitac --
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. good morning, everyone. the beautiful shot of the bay right there, right on top of the transamerica pyramid. it is monday, april 18th. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm kenny choi.
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here's roberta gonzales. i have been waiting all week to say hello. >> we warned him. >> i've really been the nice one on the set. it's exciting driving west over the bay bridge into the city, we could see the embarcadero lit up in blue and yellow. did you see that? >> no. >> the warriors colors? >> no. >> i must have been asleep. >> lee saying she saw it. we are verifying that. tammy lee, our production assistant as well. i'm not seeing things, people. good morning. heading out the door, what a mild start to yet another near record day, temperatures currently, the cool spots 49 degrees, slow to cool in san francisco after a record shattering event on sunday at 81 right now, 66 degrees. if you've ever wondered what